Maintenance Operator Class II, Barrie

The Maintenance Operator Class II – WwTF position inspects, tests, evaluates, repairs, performs preventative maintenance on, rebuilds and installs mechanical equipment related to wastewater treatment and collection, and biosolids treatment, handling and air emissions.  Equipment includes pumps, compressors, compressed air equipment, diesel generators, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment, heat exchangers, boilers, electrical co-generation equipment, solids and liquid handling equipment, filtration and ultraviolet disinfection equipment; rotating biological contactors, high purity oxygen systems, refrigeration equipment and natural/biogas equipment.  The position also machines, welds and fabricates parts for equipment rebuild/repair; and completes detailed logs and records of work in accordance with regulatory requirements.  In addition, the MOP II acts as a WW Operator, monitoring treatment and collection processes as assigned. 

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Water Distribution/Treatment Plant Operator II, Trent Hills

The Water Distribution/Treatment Plant Operator II is required to perform a variety of mechanical operations, carry out capital and operational repairs, inspections, metering and replacement activities in the Class III Water Treatment Plants, lift/pumping stations, Class I Warkworth Wastewater Treatment System and Collection Pumping Stations, auxiliary power and computer systems.  The Operator II also assists with all functions and ongoing maintenance of the Class I and II Water Distribution Systems including repairs and replacements of watermains and appurtenances, fire hydrants and service materials.

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Full Time Water/Wastewater Operator, Elgin

Position Summary: To carry out the day to day maintenance and construction of the water and wastewater systems infrastructure within the Municipality of Central Elgin.  The Water Section of the Physical Services Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the Water Distribution & Supply systems while the Wastewater section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment and collection systems for the Municipality of Central Elgin.

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