OMWA - History

History of the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)

The Ontario Municipal Water Association is the voice of municipal public water supply in Ontario. Its members are public water supply owners and municipally owned operating authorities.


In 2013, OMWA was asked to comment on the Ontario One Call’s related to the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act 2012. OMWA provided comments supporting the new Act.

The original founders of the Association would be very proud of the accomplishments of the Association they started back in 1966. A review of the history shows that the Association was talking about issues, conducting studies, preparing briefs, making public policy statements and distributing educational material to its members many years before these concerns were addressed at a provincial level. Members of the Association were discussing uniform accounting policies, full cost pricing, source water protection and back flow prevention and cross connections, some as early as the 1970’s.

OMWA will continue to represent its members by being proactive, recruiting knowledgeable and dedicated people in the water industry to serve on the Board of Directors, by strengthening relationships with other like minded organizations and forging new relationships with other bodies to ensure that the people of Ontario continue to have a clean, sustainable, affordable supply of drinking water.