Call for directors

The Ontario Municipal Water Association Board Announces Call for Directors

The Board of Directors of the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA) has announced a call for nominations for candidates for the OMWA Board of Directors. The Board is seeking to fill two (2) director positions.   

OMWA's mission is to act as the voice of Ontario's public water authorities through actions which sustain and protect the Life Cycle of Water. Our focus is on policy, legislative and regulatory issues related to water in Ontario. We are a unique organization in that our focus is upon the management and administration of water, wastewater and stormwater and our membership is made up of municipalities, public water authorities and organizations involved in the municipal water. Our directors are either municipal officials or senior water managers. These individuals demonstrate excellence in their field of expertise and bring a mix of leadership skills and the professionalism critical to fulfilling the mandate of the organization.   

The Board is placing emphasis on recruitment of candidates who have the time and experience to make a significant impact on the long‐term performance of the organization.  

The successful applicants should possess one or more of the following skill sets and experience:

  • Professional qualifications such as industry knowledge and experience
  • Board and board governance experience
  • Ability to think strategically and communicate effectively 
  • Credible with a strong reputation that inspires respect 
  • Able to recognize and manage potential conflicts of interest 

Time Commitment:

  • 4 Board meetings per year (in person) 
  • 1 ‐2 teleconference Board meetings; and 
  • Minimum participation on 1 Board committee 

Selection Process:

  • All interested persons should submit their CVs to the undersigned. 
  • Closing date for applications is March 10, 2017
  • The Executive Committee may contact selected Nominees to arrange a telephone interview.

Ed D. Houghton, Executive Director

Ontario Municipal Water Association

ehoughton@omwa.org - (705) 443-8472