Who we are

OMWA: The Voice of Municipal Water Supply

The Ontario Municipal Water Association’s mission is to act as the voice of Ontario’s public water supply authorities and their customers on policy, legislative and regulatory issues related to the provision of safe and reliable public water supply in Ontario. We are a unique organization in that our focus is upon the management and administration of public drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater. Our membership is made up of public water supply authorities. Our directors are either municipal officials or senior water supply managers.

OMWA represents more than 180 municipalities in Ontario* serving more than seven million customers and includes elected, appointed and management representatives. OMWA brings together a wide cross-section of expertise to provide direction and leadership on policy, legislative and regulatory issues for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. OMWA’s activities help ensure the best possible safety, quality, reliability and sustainability of water and water management in Ontario.

The focus and the experience of our directors have led to our success in putting forth the views of our members to provincial ministers and senior staff. We host regular Education Days across the province to keep our members informed, engaged and learning.

To find out more about the OMWA, or to connect with us, please use the links in the menu, above.

* Number of participating municipalities may vary each year, depending on membership renewals.

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Stay current with water-related news

Stay informed, stay connected. Water is everybody’s business!

OMWA publishes a digest of water-related news, issues, technologies, events, politics, and trends from around the province, the country and the world, emailed to members weekly. Current and trending topics come from news media, blogs, sister associations, industry websites, government sites, media releases and more. We also include recent updates on water taking, sewage permits, policy and legislation updates and changes from the Ontario government’s Environmental Registry.

You can read or download a PDF of the latest edition of the newswire by clicking here.

There is no better way to stay up-to-date and informed on the changing and often challenging world of water than the OMWA newswire. We stay on top of the news for you. And it’s free to all members.

If you have a story or media release about an issue, an event or your company you would like to share with our membership, please send it to us at communications@omwa.org. We also accept advertising and career ads on the newswire: contact admin@omwa.org for details.

If you are a member and are not receiving the newswire, please contact us to make sure you are on the mailing list. If you are not a member, and would like to join us and participate in the conversation about water, please contact us at admin@omwa.org for membership information and rates. Or check our membership pages here.

NB: Access to some links may require a subscription or other form of payment to the publication in question. Inclusion of links does not represent OMWA’s endorsement of either the tone or accuracy of any of the information presented, nor of opinions stated or implied within the articles.¬†Subscription is optional. OMWA may also send career opportunity bulletins and other announcements. You may choose to opt out of any of these at any time.

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