OMWA’s Board of Directors and Past Presidents

OMWA board, May 2017
OMWA board, Niagara Falls, May 2017

Board of Directors

Our board includes elected, appointed and management representatives from across the province. The executive is:

 President Mike Mortimer
 Chair Peter Chilibeck
 Vice President Mark Howson
 Past President Rosemary K. MacLennan,
 CEO Ed Houghton

OMWA President Mike Mortimer

Mike Mortimer,
Manager of Environmental Services
City of Stratford
Business Phone: 519-271-0250 Ext. 315
Business Fax: 519-271-1427
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Peter Chilibeck

Peter Chilibeck
207 Division Street, Box 577
Cobourg, ON K9A 4L3
Business Phone: 416-848-7429
Business Fax: 905-372-2581

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Mark Howson

Mark Howson
37 Cedarwood Drive
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 5G5
Business Phone: 705-949-1642
Business Fax: 705-759-6596

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Councillor Rosemary K. MacLennan

Deputy Mayor Rosemary K. MacLennan
93 High Street
Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0
Business Phone: 705-653-6854
Business Fax: 705-653-5300View Profile

Councillor Bonnie Clark
Otonabee South Monaghan Municipality
20 Third Street, P.O. Box 70, Keene, Ont. K0L 2B0
Business Phone: 705-295-6852
Business Fax: 705-295-6405
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Jim Keech

Jim Keech
1211 John Counter Blvd., P.O. Box 790,
Kingston, ON K7L 4X7
Business Phone: 613-546-1811
Business Fax: 613-546-5921

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Wendi Mannerow
200 Brady Street, PO Box 5000, Stn A
Sudbury, ON P3A 5P3
Business Phone: 705-674-4455 ext 3684
Business Fax: none

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Amy Martin

Amy Martin
Water Services, Environmental Services
City of Guelph
Business Phone: 519-822-1260 ext. 2560
Business Fax:

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Laura Smit

Laura Smit
Environmental Services and Operations
Water and Wastewater Treatment
T: 705-325-4521 F: 705-325-0563
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Kathy Vassilakos

Kathy Vassilakos
Councillor, City of Stratford
1 Wellington St.
Stratford ON N5A 2L3
T: 519-271-0250
F: Fax: 519-273-5041
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Supervisor, Water Distribution
ENWIN Utilities Ltd.
Business Phone: 519-251-7300 ext 667
Business Fax: 519-791-5548

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Ed Houghton, C.E.T., M.A.A.T.O.

Ed Houghton, C.E.T., M.A.A.T.O.
2593 Tenth Concession
Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Y9
Business Phone:705-443-8472
Business Fax: 705-443-4264

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Location of OMWA board members
Municipalities of current OMWA board members, 2018

Past Presidents

1967 E.W. Curtis, Chair London, PUC Founder *
1968 C.J.F. Ross, Commissioner, London PUC*
1969 R.B. Leslie, Chair, Leamington PUC
1970 N.R. Craig, Burlington*
1971 H.M. Scheifele, Waterloo*
1972 Dr. R.H. Hay, Chair Kingston PUC*
1973 J.A. Wood, Smiths Falls PUC*
1974 J.L. Thomas, Commissioner London PUC*
1975 E.G. O’Connor, Commissioner Belleville PUC*
1976 M. Greene, Commissioner Exeter PUC
1977 D.R. Larkworthy, Commissioner Stratford PUC*
1978 L.C. Yorke, Commissioner Perth PUC
1979 N. Howson, Chair Sault Ste. Marie PUC
1980 C. Byrne, Tecumseh*
1981 R.L. Beck, Commissioner Peterborough PUC*
1982 E.A. Blake, London*
1983 T.R. Warwick, Blenheim
1984 R.J. Metras, London/R.W. Westgate, Strathroy
1985 R.W. Westgate, Chair, Strathroy PUC*
1986 H.W. Parkhill, Commissioner Tillsonburg PUC
1987 H. Hoselton, Commissioner Cobourg PUC*
1988 L. Duby, Chair Amherst burg PUC*
1989 D. James, Commissioner Perth PUC
1990 Dr. Wm. Cresswell, Commissioner, Aylmer PUC
1991 R.I. Mann, Commissioner, London PUC
1992 D. Stanton, Commissioner Picton PUC
1993 J. McDade, Chair, Goderich PUC
1994 W. Fallis, Chair Kingston PUC*
1995 J. Morris, Chair Stratford PUC*
1996 R. Battagello, Commissioner Windsor PUC*
1997 A. Read, Mayor Cobourg*
1998 M. Howson, Chair Sault Ste. Marie PUC
1999 B. Stevens, Commissionner Gananoque PUC
2000 C. Livingstone, Commissioner, Exeter
2001 M. Christie, Westport
2002 S. Crosby, Alderman, St. Thomas
2003 J. Klaus, Manager Markham Waterworks
2004 Deb Shewfelt, Mayor Goderich
2005 Rosemary K. MacLennan, Councillor, Trent Hills
2006 Robert Walton
2008 Nick Benkovich
2009 Peter Veltheer
2010 – 2012 Ed Houghton, Collingwood
2012 – 2014 Ken Graham
2014-2017 Andrew Henry
2018-2019 Rosemary K. MacLennan, Deputy Mayor, Trent Hills

Honourary Presidents

1967 Dr. A.E. Berry*
1975 J.A. Woods, Smith Falls*
1980 Dr. R.H. Hay, Chair, Kingston PUC*

* Deceased

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